• Projects

  • Projects

    Since 1998, ISKAR GROUP successfullyimplementedmorethan 150 constructionprojects and developed guiding principles of project implementation and standards of work with customers and partners:
    •  We work in strict compliance with the legislation of the Russian Federation
    •  We build with high quality and for long term. Our construction projects organically fit in with the existing urban building. We create modern units, which are comfortable to live and work in
    •  Weshareinterestsofthestateandaims of all social groups; we work within the mainstream of the social policy of the urban authorities, and we care for the aesthetics and ecology of the city
    •  We refer to the experience of western companies adopting the best and adjusting it to the Russian consumers
    •  Inourmarketingpolicywedonotshyawayfromexperimenting, wedeveloprelated, promising directions of activity thereby anticipating and shaping new real estate market trends
    •  Wekeepinstepwithtime and use the most advanced construction and engineering methods
    List of our projects:
     1. “WellHouseatDubrovka”
    Moscow City, 1stMashinostroeniya Street, Properties 6, 8, 10, 12, 14

     2. “Well House at Leninsky”
    Moscow City, Leninsky Avenue, Property 111/2

    3. Children’s pre-school institution Miraxschool
    Moscow City, Vernadsky Avenue, Property 90

    4. Miraxpark
    MoscowCity, Vernadsky Avenue, Property 90

    5. Multi-functional complex “Avrora Business Park” Moscow City, Sadovnicheskaya Embankment Bldg. 77 Sub-bldg. 1.

    6. Office Centre Group of Companies “Savva”
    MoscowCity, Energeticheskaya Street, Bldg. 6

    7. “Izmaylovsky” Mall
    MoscowCity, Izmaylovsky Avenue, Property 63-А

    8. “Grand City” Mall
    Moscow City, Zolotorozhsky Val Bldg. 42

    9. Shopping and Entertainment Centre “Prazhsky Passage”
    Moscow City, KrasnogoMayaka Street

    10. Ernst&Young Head Office
    Moscow City, Sadovnicheskaya Embankment Bldg. 77

    11. HigherArbitration Court of East-Siberia district
    Irkutsk City Chkalov Street Bldg. 12

    12. Arbitration Court of Perm Region
    Perm City Bolshevistskaya Street Bldg. 177

    13. Arbitration Court of Appeal
    Rostov-on-DonGazetnyLaneBldg. 34

    14. Hospital No, 6 of JSC “Russian Railways”
    MoscowCityShosseynayaStreetBldg. 43
    15. Children’s Art School
    TroitskCity, OktyabrskyAvenueBldg. 12a

    16. Representation of Confectionary Concern named after Babaev in Sochi City
    Sochi City Gorky Street Bldg. 30/2

    17. Multi-functional Centre Moscow City Flotskaya Street Bldg. 5

    18. “Smirnovky” Business Centre
    Moscow City Smirnovskaya Street Bldg. 25

    19. Administrative-Industrial Building Pexay Ltd. Gzhel.

    20. Cottage village “Nakhabino Country”
    Moscow Province, Krasnogorsky district, Nakhabino village

    21. NovoarbatskyBridge
    Moscow City, junction of Novy Arbat and Kutuzovsky Avenue 
    22. Krasnokholsmky Bridge 
    Moscow City, Sadovnicheskaya Embankment Bldg. 77

    23. 4-section 22-storey apartment block Moscow City Miklukho-Maklay Street Bldg. 34 

    24. 2-section 17-storey apartment block 
    Moscow City 
    Kirovogradskaya Street Bldg. 9

    25. 5-section 5-storey apartment block 
    Moscow City General Kadyshev Boulevard Bldg. 8 

    26. 1-section 22-storeyapartmentblock
    Moscow City, 2nd Polevoy Lane Bldg. 2 Sub-Bldg 3 

    27. 2-section 14-storeyapartment block 
    Reutov City Sovetskaya Street Bldg. 25 

    28. 2-section 14-storey apartment block 
    Moscow City Shcholkovskaya Street Bldg. 44

    29. 1-section 14-storey apartment block 
    Reutov City Sovetskaya Street Bldg. 67 

    30. 3-section 10-storey apartment block 
    Ryazan City Oktyabrsky Gorodok Street Bldg. 3
    31. 4-section 14-17-17-14 storeyapartment block
    Moscow City
    Baykalskaya Street Bldg. 33 

    32. 4-section 14-17-17-14 storeyapartment block
    Moscow City
    Baykalskaya Street Bldg. 35

    33. 3-section 10-storey apartment block 
    Zhukovsky City Micro-district5

    34. 3-section 17-storey apartment block 
    Moscow City Staromaryinskoye Highway Bldg. 12 

    35. 2-section 17-storey apartment block 
    Troitsk City Oktyabrsky Avenue Bldg. 3a 

    36. 2-section 17-storey apartment block 
    Troitsk City Oktyabrsky Avenue Bldg. 3b 

    37. 2-section 10-storeyapartment block Voskresensk City Dokotorova Street Bldg. 8 

    38. 2-section 10-storey apartment block 
    Voskresensk City Dokotorova Street Bldg. 10

    39. 2-section 17-19-storeyapartment block 
    Vladimir City PerekopskyGorodok Bldg. 7 

    40. 2-section14-17-storey apartment block 
    Shcholkovo City, 1stSovetsky Lane Bldg. 10 

    41. 4-section 10-storey apartment block
    ShcholkovoCityZarechnaya Street Bldg. 16 

    42. 3-section 10-storey apartment block Zhukovsky City Micro-district 5/31

    43. 2-section 14-storey apartment block Podolsk City Kolkhonaya Street Bldg. 6 

    44. 3-section 9-storey apartment block Monino City Dementyeva Street Bldg. 9 

    45. 3-section14-17-14-storey apartment block 
    Balashikha City Entusiastov Highway Bldg. 101 

    46. 5-section 7-storeyapartment block 
    Moscow City 1stDubrovskaya Street 8/12

    47. 2-section 13-storey apartment block Reutov City Yuzhnaya Street Bldg. 13

    48. 4-section 10-storeyapartment block 
    Kalininets City Tikhaya Street Bldg. 1

    49. 6-section 20-storey apartment block 
    Moscow City SumskoyDrive Bldg. 1

    50. 3-section 7-storeyapartment block Moscow City Vorontsovskaya Street 25/28

    51. 3-section 8-storeyapartment block Moscow City BolshoyDemidovsky LaneBldg. 11/2, Sub-Bldg.1

    52. 3-section 14-storeyapartment block 
    Voskresensk City Bolnichny Drive Bldg. 26

    53. 3-section17-storey apartment block Zheleznodorozhny City Avtozavodskaya Street Bldg. 4

    54. 2-section 19-storey apartment block Moscow City Otradnaya Street Bldg. 18-В

    55. 1-section 25-storey apartment block Reutov City Sovetskaya Street Bldg. 62 

    56. 10-storey Business Centre 
    Moscow City, Altufievskoe Highway Bldg. 48

    57. 2-section 9-storey apartment block 
    Podolsk City BolshayaZelenovskaya Street Bldg. 1

    58. 2-section 5-storeyapartment block Zvenigorod City Chekhov Street Bldg. 11

    59. andmanyotherapartment, privateandadministrative, industrialcomplexes and buildings 
    21. Новоарбатский Мост
    г.Москва, соединение Нового Арбата и Кутузовского проспекта