Construction materials production

ISKAR Production specializes on the production and sales of PVC sheets – high technology material used in a wide range of industries.

Company possesses organisational structure and highly qualified specialists. Professional activity of the Company leaders and specialists meets the highest market demands and is oriented at constant expansion and renewal of the assortment.
PVC is one of the oldest and most upgraded completely synthetic varieties of plastics with comprehensive capacities for use.
Rather tough PVC sheet has achieved such popularity due to its versatility and multi-functionality. It is widely used due to its light weight, increased strength and durability, high barrier qualities, moisture resistance and frost-resistance. Another important merit, which accounts for preference given to it by many enterprises as raw material or expendable item, is its high chemical resistance, easiness of treatment, good dielectric indicators and durability.
Hard PVC sheet is material produced via extrusion. It is a sheet with homogeneous dense structure with glossy or matt surface, which offers a number of benefits in the use: possibility of covering with paint and print, ideal base for film applications, screen printing, dyeing, good rigidity, good shock resistance, maximum temperature of operation 60°С-65°С, long-term resistance to the elements of environment. Depending on additions hard plastic sheets can be used in the street (without change of colour and mechanical properties) from 3 to 15 years.
PVC sheet has many advantages in terms of operational characteristics:
  •   Weatherproof,
  •   High chemical resistance,
  •   Fire safety,
  •   Flameproof (self-extinguishing material),
  •   High heat insulation quality,
  •   Low thermal conductivity,
  •   Corrosion resistance.
Company carries out rigid quality control of the supplied products. All products meet state quality standards. Upon the customer demands Company specialists produce document copies certifying quality of the supplied products – certificate of compliance and quality passport.

Products can be delivered by the automotive transport of either the supplier or the customer. Company exercises flexible pricing policy and individual approach to each Customer.