Facades and translucent designs

ISKAR Technology is developing rapidly as a professional, innovative and high technology Company, customer-oriented and occupying a leading position in the area of façade and translucent designs.
Due to the vast experience in this industry and use of modern technologies and quality tested materials, Company guarantees high level of fulfilment of every stage of the works. At each stage of the project quality control is carried out. Special attention to efficiency and quality of the construction cycle enables the Company to raise the effectiveness of the business process. Besides, Company carries out individual approach to each customer. Project implementation is takes into account the potential operation of sites, safety requirements and regulations as well as Customer desires.
We established ourselves as reliable business partner with high technical and economic indicators of production and commercial activity. Our Company has all the necessary licences for carrying out project works, construction of buildings and facilities of various elevations.
Solid material technical base enables us to observe the schedule and to work without downtime, which comprises the own large inventory of construction machinery and equipment. All applied materials and services of the firm are certified.
We offer the whole range of works and services for the design, production and assembly fulfilling the functions of the Customer, General Contractor and Designer:
  •   Geodesy and construction surveying
  •   Design
  •   Production
  •  Assembly
  •  Maintenance service
Such approach enables us to control project implementation at all stages of the production, achieving complete concordance of processes and compliance with the schedule of works.

At present the main area of the Company activity is as follows:

Ventilated front with the use of the following materials:
  •   Natural stone
  •   Glass with special coating
  •   Ceramic-granite
  •   Fiber-cement board (fiber cement)
  •   Laminated panels
  •   Polyurethane panels
  •   Composite panels

Aluminium translucent designs:
  •   Aluminium stained glass
  •   Aluminium windows and doors
  •   Entrances
  •  Office partitions
  •   Rooflights
  •   Automatic doors
  •   Atriums
Translucent PVC designs:
  •  PVC windows and doors
  •   Attic windows
  •   Winter garden
  •   Showcases

Ventilated curtain walls today are an ideal solution for lining of outer surfaces of buildings (facades) in reconstruction and capital repairs.

Main advantages of the ventilated facades:
  •   Wide opportunities to use modern facade finishing materials;
  •   High head and sound insulation;
  •   Ventilation of inner layers;
  •   Protection of the wall against elements;
  •   Levelling of thermal deformations;
  •   Carrying out façade works in any season of the year;
  •   Levelling of defects and the surface roughness of the bearing wall;
  •   Long maintenance free term
Topicality of translucent aluminium and PVC designs in Russia accounts for their amazing resistance to temperature differences characteristic of the climate of our latitudes. Besides, they stand out for high sound insulation and thermostatic qualities and enable to use different colours. In modern cities translucent designs are an important element in architecture, emphasize the originality and boost the visual effect.