Construction and Engineering

ISKAR Construction has been operating in the construction services market since 1998 and carries out a full range of activities necessary for successful implementation of construction projects of any complexity. Main priorities of the company are quality of construction works, responsibility for the undertaken obligations, competency, conscientiousness, complex and system-oriented approach to the solution of any tasks, flexibility and dynamism enabling to respond quickly to ever growing demands to quality and technological level of construction projects. Company sets high standard demands to the whole construction project process from issuance of authorisation documents to the handover of the project for commissioning.

We have acquired enormous practical hands-on experience of construction of buildings and facilities of various scales and in different construction areas, which enables us to guarantee quality and reliability of the fulfilled works. In addition, the permanent core team of professionals of all construction specialities makes it possible to complete the whole technological construction chain independently. We bear full responsibility not only for observance of construction completion deadlines but also for each stage.

Areas of activity of the Company:
  •   Industrial construction
  •   Construction of residential and administrative buildings
  •   Construction of cultural and social facilities
  •   Construction of sports and entertainment facilities
  •   Energy construction
  •   Construction of bridges and viaducts
  •   Road construction
Company offers a wide range of construction services and functions:

1. General contractor functions:
  •   Preparatory work
  •   Construction of framing structures
  •   Layout of engineering services
  •   Construction-and-assembling operations
  •   Finishing work
  •   Area improvement

2. Technical Customer functions:
  •   Approval of the necessary documents, permissions and technical conditions in the established manner for carrying out exploration, design and construction
  •   Obtaining confirmation of actions for all issued technical conditions for water supply, sewage collections, heating, installation of radio, telephone, etc
  •  Approval in the established manner of the permission for construction
  •   Processing documentation for land granting for the time of design and construction
  •   Obtaining permission from relevant operational agencies for the use of existing services and sources of gas, water, steam and energy supply during construction and assembling period
  •  Document processing for cutting and grafting trees, demolition of buildings, cleaning the site from objects interfering with construction
  •   Defining the volume and places of removal and delivery of soil
  •   Creation of land-surveying staking base for construction
  •   Laying out and breakdown of axes and location lines of buildings and facilities
  •   Obtaining permission for carrying out works in the zone of overhead cables, in the lane of railways and roads, underground services and engineering facilities
  •  Arrangement through a licenced firm staking out boundaries of the site, red lines and other lines regulating construction, elevations, axes of buildings and facilities, location lines for engineering services as well as boundaries of the construction site
  •  Handover of the construction project to the State commission, putting into operation, etc.

3. Functions of engineering supervision of construction:
  •   Carrying out control and technical supervision of construction, compliance of volume, cost and quality of work to projects, budgeted costs and agreement pries, construction norms and regulations on production and handover of works.
Company principles are accurate fulfilment of contract obligations, mutual trust and integrity towards Customers and Partners, observance of all safety technical regulations, normative documentation and regulations determined by the legislation of the Russian Federation, provision of full and reliable information to the Customer on the progress status of stages of work.
Based on our experience and knowledge we are able to offer you original modernised solutions, to shorten the delivery dates while preserving high quality and minimise risks. We are ready to inculcate the latest achievements in engineering and organisational planning of the production process at all stages of project implementation.